About Us

AltecH Designs is a UK based engineering design and manufacturing business specialising in producing high quality bespoke products for motorcycles.

AltecH Designs was set up by Alistair in 2014 combining his passion for motorcycles, particularly adventure and off road bikes, with his background in aerospace engineering.

As well as being our Principal Engineer, Alistair is also our chief tester and can be found most weekends putting our products through their paces in the mud and trails of the UK countryside.  More recently, these weekend trips have been extended to European destinations and further afield in Morocco so you know our products have been well tested! 

About our products

We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Each of our products has been through a rigorous design and prototype stage before extensive testing in the environments they were intended for.  We have a network of field testers who put our products through their paces before we are satisfied that the final product is 100% perfect.

All our products are professionally finished whether hand polished or powder coated.  We have produced a number of products with powder coating to match customer’s bikes colour scheme so if you are looking for a special colour, get in touch and we’ll do our best to produce an accurate match.

We operate a ‘Design for Assembly’ philosophy to ensure anyone is capable of fitting our products to their bikes.  We provide detailed step by step fitting instructions with every product along with all the required fixtures and fittings.

Our Design and Manufacture Service

One of our key areas of expertise is working with customers to manufacture bespoke and 'one-off' products.  We produce designs and 3D computer generated (CAD) models for you to view before we go ahead and manufacture the part.  

We have designed a number of one off luggage racks, pannier racks and brackets for customers and the way it works is we ask you to take some basic measurements and photos.  From these we produce a range of 3D CAD concept drawings and email full size drawings as a pdf document that can be printed out by you and using a bit of the old 'Blue Peter' cutting and sellotaping skills you can check the fitting of the paper model on your bike.  If any measurements need to be changed, these can be done very quickly and drawings re-sent.  Once happy with the final design, we can produce the part.

To discuss any requirements you have for a part you would like, please get in touch with us!